A large, tidy closet organizer.

10 Affordable Closet Organizer Solutions to Declutter Your Bedroom

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10 Affordable Closet Organizer Solutions to Declutter Your Bedroom

A tidy closet.
A tidy closet.

The structure of whatever is in a closet can make a huge difference in how useful the closet is to declutter your space. If you only have a bar across the top and nothing else, you have a whole lot of wasted space at the bottom. If you have drawers of some sort near the bottom you might not be able to properly hang things at the top. If you don’t have a bar, shelves, or drawers: you’re left with an unusable pile, like a mini storage room.

In this article, we’re going to focus on closet organizer solutions that can help you to declutter your bedroom. There will be a focus on product that can comfortably store a variety of clothes. If you’ve ever looked for closet organizers before then you’ll know that they are surprisingly expensive. We are going to look for only the most affordable solutions that should still be long-lasting and useful.

We would like to note that there are some relevant, useful solutions that we suggest in our 10 Very Affordable Solutions to Declutter Your Stuff. While not all of our suggestions there are closet-specific, some are bedroom specific. We think you should definitely check them out after looking through the closet organizer solutions on this page.

We also want to point out that one way to help declutter your closets is to simply dispose of closet clutter! We discuss some ways to do that in our How to Get Rid of Clothing (For Money).

For the first 8 solutions we’re going to set ourselves a maximum budget of $150 for any given item; for the last two we’re going to give ourselves a slightly larger $250 budget. We’re also going to restrict the solutions to those with free shipping. 

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8 Affordable Closet Organizer Solutions to Declutter Your Bedroom (Under $150)

The following are not in order of preference or price; prices tend to fluctuate slightly, and which items are best will depend entirely on your personal situation. Rather than providing some arbitrary ranking, our goal here is simply to introduce you to solutions that could truly help to declutter your home. While our focus will be on in-closet situations, we know from personal experience that “closet organizers” are sometimes also useful outside of a closet, especially in some small apartments that simply don’t have a closet, or only have a tiny one. For that reason, this list will also include some options that will fill that need too.

9 Cube Organizer

This solution is simple, but could very well be all you need to make a big dent in your closet clutter.

We’re starting simple! This closet organizer is 36″ across and 31″ high. It’s not huge, but that’s actually an asset, as it’ll fit very nicely into most closets will still allowing room above it to hang shirts. If in your closet you have a pile of shoes, belts, scarves, soft headwear, or some other clutter, this solution provides a lot of space to declutter those items. And it does so while being very affordable with great reviews. When the goal is simply to declutter, a small simple solution might be just right for the space in question.

ClosetMaid SuiteSymphony Starter Tower Kit

This closet organizer is built to not only provide some shelving, but also more hanging space.

When you think of closet organizers you might think primarily of adding shelf and drawer space. More shelving in a closet is certainly helpful, but we think it’s also great to add more hanging space if you can. This solution provides space for tall items like dresses and suits on the right, but also extra space to hang shorter items like shirts and sweaters. We have, more than once, had to deal with way too many t-shirts smushed together on a hanging bar so tightly that we could barely get them in or out. Adding an extra bar this way is great! We don’t usually think of clutter as being what’s hanging on a bar, but you should declutter that too if you can!

Rubbermaid Configurations Closet Kits

While this is pictured on an open wall, it would be a wonderful addition to a closet.

We’re not sure why this is being primarily portrayed on an open wall. You certainly could use it that way–maybe that’s right for your situation–but in any closet that fits it, it would provide a ton of useful space. Its size is adjustable, as is its configuration, and there’s also a larger version. With nearly 5,000 almost-five-star reviews and an affordable price for this space, we simply couldn’t ignore this solution. The thing we like most is that the configuration can actually easily be altered! If you check out the Amazon listing and scroll down you can see quite a few suggestions they have for how you might configure it to meet your needs.

Even better, the pieces of this solution are compatible with those of the “Fasttrack” Rubbermaid line that we will suggest below. Mixing and matching these solutions could help you to declutter if you have several closets of different sizes!

ClosetMaid ShelfTrack Adjustable Closet Organizer Kit

Lots of hanging space, lots of shelving!

One of the problems we’ve had with closet organizers in the past is that sometimes they aren’t what we’d call durable. This solution, though, is strong enough to comfortably hold even heavy coats and other clothing. And that’s particularly important on something with this much hanging space! The locations of the shelves and bars are easily configurable and the horizontal size is adjustable, so it should fit into most closets. With the ability to easily create shelves and bars of different sizes you can more easily declutter a wide variety of different items. We really love versatile solutions like this.

Whitmor Double Rod Freestanding Closet Heavy Duty Storage Organizer

These shelves can go either in a closet or out, whichever is best for you.

With this solution we’re transitioning from closet organizers that are in-closet-only solutions to solutions that can go either in our out of a closet. We expect that many of our readers will have experienced the smaller and smaller apartments and condos that are being built, some with ludicrously small closets, or even no closet at all if you’re renting a room that wasn’t meant to be a bedroom. Those are among the toughest spaces to declutter!

This particular solution isn’t flexible with configurations as some of the above are. But it’s sturdy, provides two hanging spaces, quite a bit of shelf space, and is very affordable. It’s 68″ high, so it will fit comfortably in most closets, even if there’s already a bar installed in the closet.

AmazonBasics Expandable Metal Hanging Storage Organizer

Similar in spirit to the previous solution, this one has twice the shelf space.

Amazon’s own brand of storage organizer, this one is very well-reviewed and fairly priced. It is 72″ high, 4″ higher than the previous solution, so it’s a bit more likely to need any existing hanging bar removed to fit into a closet. But with twice the shelf space of the previous solution, this might fit your needs better while not costing too much more.

VIPEK 5 Tiers Wire Garment Rack

This is the last of the in-closet-or-out-of-closet solutions, and also the largest and most versatile.

The next logical step given the previous two solutions, this one has more shelf space and more hanging space. At almost 77″ high and 74″ wide, it’s also the tallest and widest. If this can fit into your closet, or even if you have space for it along a wall in your bedroom, we think that this is likely the best bang for your buck so far.

SONGMICS Portable Clothes Closet

This solution is targeted specifically at those without proper closet space. (Or just not enough of it.)

This solution is pretty clearly not intended to be IN a closet as an organizer. However, as we discussed in the introduction, it’s become increasingly common for bedrooms to have insufficient (or non-existent) closet space. A closet organizer like this is intended to help people in such situations to declutter. The front closes up so that you can sort of simulate a closet experience, should that appeal to you. It’s very affordable and well-reviewed, and we know that this sort of solution is absolutely perfect for many people.

2 Slightly Less Affordable Closet Organizer Solutions to Declutter Your Bedroom (Under $250)

For this section we’ve chosen two items that, while more expensive than those above, still meet the brief of being affordable and having free shipping. Closet organizers tend to be surprisingly pricey, but a $250 budget really opens up the selection to some interesting new items.

Rubbermaid Fasttrack Closet Organization Storage Kit

This is the larger sibling of the Rubbermaid solution that we suggested above.

What we like about this closet organizer solution is that it provides a ton of both hanging and shelving space to help you declutter that closet. The width of the whole unit can be adjusted between 6 and 10 feet allowing it to be installed in many different closets. The pieces of this solution are actually compatible with those of the “Configurations” line that we suggested above. If you have several closets of different sizes to deal with, mixing and matching these could be just what you need!

Little Seeds Grow with Me Adjustable Closet Organizer

This solution looks great, and might be just what you need if you’re looking for a more stylized look.

If you take a look at the Amazon listing you’ll see that this unit is marketed as being for kids’ rooms. We really aren’t sure why, since at nearly 77″ high it is certainly adult-sized. We encourage you to ignore the “kids” label and to try to envision this is your own space. Unlike the rods-and-wire look that the vast majority of affordable closet organizer solutions, this solution looks like it really belongs there. It has the look of a custom closet organizer, which tend to cost a fortune. With great reviews and what we think is still an affordable price, this is definitely something that you should consider.


We’ve suggested 10 affordable closet organizer solutions. We gave ourselves a max of $150 for the first 8 items and $250 for the last two. In the closet organizer space, $150 is extremely inexpensive; in fact, $250 is really inexpensive relative to custom solutions. If you have a ton of spare cash, custom solutions are the way to go. For most of us, though, affordable solutions like those above can go a very long way to helping you to declutter your bedroom. We really hope that you have been able to find value in some of our suggestions!


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